Have you ever wished that you could learn how to muscle test? You can!

Muscle testing (applied kinesiology) is no longer just reserved for health care practitioners, chiropractors and doctors. ANYONE can muscle test, and I believe everyone has the right to learn how! No more gate-keeping!

Learn everything you need to know to learn how to muscle test in this course!

Within this course you'll learn more about muscle testing, how it works, the science behind how distance muscle testing works, how you can muscle test yourself, others and even others at a distance! You'll learn multiple methods of muscle testing, along with ways that you can trouble-shoot any issues you may be having. You'll also be able to ask questions within the course that will get answered promptly. πŸŽ‰

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Everyone should have the resources to learn how to muscle test

Muscle testing is the ultimate self-empowerment tool.

It can be done anywhere, anytime and to find out what is really going on in your body!

Who can benefit from knowing how to muscle test?