Group sessions are a game changer!

If you're an energy healing practitioner, you know that your time is limited when it comes to offering one on ones. What if there was a way you could help MORE people at a more affordable cost for them, while also scaling your practice and increasing your income?

There IS a way, and it's with group sessions!

In my course you'll learn:

Everything I had to learn the hard way!

-How to safely and effectively perform group sessions with your chosen modality

(in this course specifically we go over how to perform a group using proxy muscle testing- please reach out with any questions)

-How to protect yourself and your clients from absorbing or transferring energies

-Bonus business tips so you can create incredible group offerings for your clientele!

(Please note: this is NOT a course on HOW to muscle test. This is a course for practitioners who already know how to muscle test and are using muscle testing in their energy healing sessions)

Due to the nature of this product, there will be no refunds.

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