The Sunlight for Health Course


Maybe you're like me 

and you've spent thousands of dollars on your health, 

seen multiple practitioners, 

and have a cupboard full of supplements... but you're still left with 

hormone imbalances,

chronic pain,

chronic fatigue,

and a whole slew of other symptoms or conditions...







We can actually use the sun to improve our health, but there are steps we must take to be safe, avoid sunburns and prevent premature aging. 

Signs of solar deficiency:

-You easily get sunburned and rely on sunscreen

-You feel the need to wear sunglasses/have sensitive eyes

-You wake up feeling groggy and still tired

-You struggle to get a good nights sleep

-You have imbalanced hormones

-You are chronically tired/fatigued

-You have the urge to turn on lights all the time

-You binge the sun when you're on vacation or in the summer months

-You crave carbs and sugar

-Depression and anxiety

Learn how to utilize the sun's rays for health SAFELY

Learn how to prep your skin for sun exposure no matter what your skin tone is. (Even if you've always burned easily!)

Learn the proper dosages for using sunlight for health

Get immediate access!

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When you follow the Sunlight for Health steps you'll

Bring balance back to your hormones ✅

Get your nervous system out of fight or flight ✅

Reset your Circadian Rhythm ✅

Boost your metabolism ✅

Set yourself up for successful weight loss ✅

By purchasing the Sunlight For Health Course, you'll get life-time access and any future updates for free


-Take as long as you need to start implementing what you've learned, once you've purchased, it'll be there ready for you to dive into on your own time!


-Learn practical ways you can utilize the sun all year long, no matter what lifestyle you live 

Learn the truth about the sun!

Finally feel confident knowing how to safely get the sun exposure you KNOW your body needs. With over 3 1/2 hours of lecture, I've jam-packed this course with invaluable information that everyone needs to know if they're on a healing journey!

Who would

benefit from this course? 


-Anyone suffering from depression and/or anxiety


-Anyone looking to bring balance to their hormones


-Anyone who's hit a plateau on their healing journey


-Anyone who's intuitively craved the sun, and wants to understand how to safely tan and get more sun exposure

Who else might benefit from this course?


-Anyone looking to improve their


-Anyone looking to boost their metabolism 

-Anyone looking to get better sleep 

-Anyone looking to improve the

efficacy of their workouts

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